sexta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2018

#Marvel #BattleScenes - Uso de arquétipos na criação de decks de Battle Scenes

Seguir ou quebrar o metagame? Aggro, controle ou midrange? Descubra seu estilo de jogo em Battle Scenes e aprenda a montar o deck ideal nesta interessante matéria de Alexandre Castanheira no site oficial de BS.

terça-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2017

#Marvel #BattleScenes - Apelação com gostinho de sacanagem! O amigão da vizinhança da Copag Luiz Hygino revela tudo sobre Confronto Aracnídeo e deixa escapar... Ragnarok?

Unboxing de decks de Confronto Aracnídeo e todos os cards da coleção do amigão da vizinhança, tudo isso você já deve ter visto. Mas... Que tal dar uma espiadinha no que vem por aí?

Ficou curioso? Então veja o video no canal Copag- Battle Scenes no Youtube!

quarta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2017

#Marvel #BattleScenes - Arquétipos em Battle Scenes. Descubra como melhorar o seu deck nesta interessante matéria.

Aggro, Controle, Midrange ou Combo. Saiba como funciona cada estilo de deck em Battle Scenes, em Ciências Ocultas: Definição de Arquétipos em Battle Scenes.

quarta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2017

#Marvel #BattleScenes #BS_in_english - Tomorrow is the day! The new Battle Scenes set Confronto Aracnídeo (Arachnid Confrontation) hit the stores. And it brings a brand new Infinity Stone to be concerned about...

Still imagining Marvel Battle Scenes cards in english.

Time. Soul. Power. Mind. Reality. Space.

They are six. They represent the many aspects of the cosmic transcendence. And they have infinite power.

Confronto Aracnídeo (Arachnid Confrontation) - 12th set of Marvel Battle Scenes Trading Card Game, a creation of MagicJebb published in Brazil by Copag - hit the stores in this november, 30th, and it brings to BS another of these six menacing pieces of the cosmos. After Time, Soul and Power, the astonishing Mind Stone comes not only to grant its wielder the power to read foes' minds, but also to prevent these foes from thinking anything at all.

In Battle Scenes it means, plain and simple, that your opponent is not going to surprise you during most of the fights. No Surprise-Attacks. No Surprise-Anticipations. No Ant Men blocking your unexpected actions. No Madame Web messing up with your searches of cards. Just think about it and imagine the peace of 'mind'...

Interested? Check out the original version of this card in the Magicjebb Battle Scenes catalog! And don't forget to grab your packs and look for this beauty tomorrow at the stores!

Want to know more about Battle Scenes, a collectible card game presenting Marvel characters, developed by MagicJebb and Copag in Brazil? Take a look at our official website

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