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#Marvel #BattleScenes #BS_in_english - New year, new limited tournament environs... and an OLD card?

Still imagining Marvel Battle Scenes cards in English.

I know we are already in the middle of January, but, oh well... Happy new year, anyway!

Since it's the beginning of a new year, everybody seems to be hopeful and talking about changes lately. And everybody who plays BS seriously here in Brazil is talking about the changes in the official tournaments scenario, since four old sets - Multiple Identities (BSMI), Cosmic Invasion (BSIC), Avengers Initiative (BSIV) and Surprise Offensive (BSOS) - are "leaving the scene" this month, out of the limited 'Besieged Battle' standard play.

Well. I'm kind of bored with all these news, so I'd rather talk about OLD stuff. Like this card below.

Antimatter Touch is a classic. Perhaps the most important Cosmic Power ability card so far, the Touch is (or was) part of most cosmic decks, such as the recent Kree and Nova Corps, always delivering it's pack of great damage for the most reasonable combination of incapacitation and Cosmic Energy costs.

I love this card so much I have even reworked it in this draft, adding a new image and stuff! Cool, ain't it?

It's too bad Antimatter Touch is leaving the limited tournament scene, don't you think? It would be so nice if it just come back in a future set, like this Ragnarok people are talking about! It would be really great, indeed!

Well, it's the beginning of the new year. So, let's hope and see what happens... Happy new year!

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#Marvel #BattleScenes - Será que ele evolui? Respostas para esta e outras dúvidas no site oficial de BS!


Todo mundo quer saber! Será que o Capitão Universo V2 evolui daquela Madame Teia que você acabou de colocar em cena? Confira essa e outras respostas para as dúvidas mais periclitantes de Battle Scenes na seção Novos Horizontes: Acabando com as Dúvidas do site oficial de BS.

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#Marvel #BattleScenes - Ano novo! Circuito BS Online novo! Veja como vai ser no canal Dalaran Games

Confira como é jogar BS Online neste interessante match de Sexteto Sinistro contra Tropa Nova no canal Dalaran Games do Youtube. Interessou? Aproveite para se inscrever no Circuito BS Online 2018!

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